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    Total launched the “Plant 4.0” incubator in 2016. After a year of successful collaboration with over 15 startup companies, Total is now teaming up with leading industry players to renew the initiative.

    The Plant 4.0 startup incubator is operated by IMPULSE PARTNERS on behalf of Total & its Corporate Partners.

  • "Innovative measuring solutions for smart plants"

    Smart sensors are embedded in the design, operation and organization of a “plant 4.0”. The resulting transformations drive operational performance, enhance safety, boost the financial performance of projects and operations, and improve the management of industrial assets.


      • All devices shall be minimum IP 55 and fit for use in outdoor Oil & Gas industrial environment without any maintenance operation other than battery replacement.
      • Ambient temperature: -25°C to 50°C
      • Wireless sensor can be active (e.g. battery; battery + energy harvesting; energy harvesting) or passive (e.g. piezoelectric materials)
      • ATEX classification : devices shall be designed in order to be ready for certification Ex II2G EEx "d" or "de" or "e" or "i" IICT6
      • A few prototypes shall be fabricated for tests (measure + data transmission) in an industrial environment within six months


      Applications related to one or several of the use cases will be given priority treatment. However, all applications related to the global thematic will be taken into consideration.

      Acoustic Sensor for Leak or Anomaly Detection

      • The purpose is to design a device able to acquire the acoustic signature(s) of an equipment working in standard mode(s), and then : 
      1. Solution 1: regularly compare the current acoustic signature with with the standard one and report any anomaly.
      2. Solution 2: report the acoustic signature to be analysed by another system.
      • Such device will allow to detect the pressure safety valves, steam traps or rotating machines working out of range, leakage on pipe, packing, noise caused by the passage of a flow.
      • Device shall be easy to hook-up close to the equipment it is supposed to monitor.
      • Telecommunication protocol : Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN – LoRa, Sigfox or equivalent) shall be used. Communication range shall be above one kilometer in an industrial environment.
      • Measurement frequency:   from once an hour to once a day.
      • Autonomy:  > 5 years. Any Energy Harvesting solution is welcome.
      • Further development stage could include a software producing a diagnostic from the anomaly when it is detected.

      UT Sensor for Corrosion Monitoring

      • Context: While we are aware of (and are actually operating) wireless sensors to monitor accurately and frequently corrosion process at specific points, we have not yet found a wireless UT sensor that would be cheap enough to be installed on a permanent basis at usual inspection points in order to avoid routine campaigns performed by our inspectors at locations which are difficult to reach.
      • We have specified herebelow the main features that such cost saving solution should offer:

      - Metal thickness (pipe or drum): 5 – 15 mm

      - Metal type: Carbon Steel

      - Accuracy: 0.1 mm or better

      - Metal temperature: 0-150°C ; optional case = 0-600°C

      - Maximum insulation thickness: 100 mm

      - Embedded temperature compensation sensor: yes

      - Metal contact type and hook-up details: magnetic, glue, strap…. To be studied

      - Hook-up details for Central Unit/Battery/communication modules on top of the insulation: to be proposed by vendor

      - Heart beat frequency: not required

      - On request measurements or fixed date measurements : will depend on data collection method

      - Communication standard:

      1. Range: depending on selected technology (LoRa or Sigfox vs active RFID or BLE)
      2. Data flow: compromise between data flow and data reliability to be studied. Will determine whether active RFID is acceptable or not
      3. measurement frequency - 2 cases:   once a week ;  once a month 
      4. Battery life: > 10 years
      5. Cybersecurity requirements: will depend on data collection method
      6. Associated reader:  to be studied in case of RFID or BLE

      - Measurement interpretation software: to be developed

        Non Intrusive Flowmeter

        • The purpose is to design a device that can be easily fixed on a pipe to measure and transmit, without interfering, the flow of the fluid circulating inside (clamp on type, non intrusive).
        • First case for development: water circulating in a non-insulated metallic pipe. Diameter from 4” to 30”.
        • Accuracy: +/- 3%
        • Telecommunication protocol : Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN – LoRa, Sigfox or equivalent) shall be used. Communication range shall be above one kilometer in an industrial environment.
        • Measurement frequency:   from once an hour to once a day. 
        • Autonomy: > 5 years. Any Energy Harvesting solution is welcome.

        Manual Valves Position Indicator

        • Context: The purpose is to monitor the position of  manual shut-off valves (with vertical stem):  “open” / “close”. No power source close to the valve and no cabling works anticipated
        • There are two main possibilities to monitor that valve status: either measure the actual position of the stem or count the number of wheel turns compared to a reference position.
        • The sensor shall not hamper the motion of the wheel.
        • Telecommunication protocol : Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN – LoRa, Sigfox or equivalent) shall be used. Communication range shall be above one kilometer in an industrial environment.
        • Development of a software interpreting sensors data and indicating valves position is part of the required development.
        • Average number of operations per day: 5.
        • Heart beat frequency: required once a day.
        • Autonomy: > 5 years. Any Energy Harvesting solution is welcome.
      1. Benefits for selected startup companies


        • A platform to develop business relationships with the Corporate Partners
        • Qualified contacts & feedbacks of industry experts
        • An increased visibility and credibility towards market & investors
        • An opportunity to join the startup ecosystem accelerated by Impulse Labs
        • Open office workspace opportunities in Paris
      2. The Selection Process

        We are looking for startup companies that have completed their main R&D phase and that need an industrial validation to move to the next phase of their development. It should have developed successful concepts that have already received some recognition.


        The incubation program is not exclusive, the startup can be registered in other programs.


        Startup companies can apply for the Theme "Innovative measuring solutions for smart plants" from June 19th, 2017 to September 2nd, 2017.

        The first applications submitted will be given priority treatment.

        Application Evaluation and Processing

        In order to apply, you must download the Application Form, complete it and send it by email to Total.incubator@impulse-partners.com from June 19th, 2017 to September 2nd , 2017.

        All applications, once completed and submitted in English, will be reviewed by the Corporate Partners operational staff and Impulse Partners (hereinafter “Plant 4.0 Team”). First stage review results will be emailed to you by the end of September 2017.

        Submitted projects will be pre-selected regarding the following criteria:

        • innovative aspect and potential to transform asset optimization in industrial activities (as described on  http://www.plant4-0-startup-incubator.com/)
        • ability to be tested and demonstrated on industrial assets within short term (~6 months)
        • quality and seriousness of the applicant’s project team
        • acceptability regarding Total’s corporate commitments explained on this page

        Selection Committee

        Selection Committee sessions will be organized in September 2017 for the Theme "Innovative measuring solutions for smart plants".

        Pre-selected projects will be invited to pitch in front of a panel of relevant decision makers from Total and its corporate partners.

        Final results will be communicated within two weeks after the Selection Committee session.

        Incubation for selected startup companies

        Startups will join the ecosystem accelerated by Impulse Labs (specialist in the energy and industrial sectors) and to benefit from incubator premises in Paris and associated funding at preferred costs.

        Pilot projects & feedbacks

        If the startup successfully addresses industrial need and fit operational requirements, Total and its corporate partners will consider launching and financing of a Proof Of Concept project. At the end of the proof of concept, Plant 4.0 Team and potential stakeholders will assess the POC and evaluate the potential to deploy at a bigger scale.

        Terms and rules


        By filling this application form for Plant 4.0, and sending it by email to Total.incubator@impulse-partners.com you represent and warrant that (1) you are authorized to submit this application on behalf of your company, (2) the information you have provided is accurate and current, (3) your company either owns or has a license to use the product, service or technology described in your application, (4) you have the right to provide TOTAL and Impulse Partners with the given information, (5) TOTAL, the Corporate Partners and Impulse Partners are entitled to use the information given for Plant 4.0. You acknowledge that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance by Plant 4.0 Team.



        You agree to keep confidential any information you receive during Plant 4.0. process. You are not entitled to use or make reference to Total or its Corporate Partners’ business names, trademarks or logos without its prior written consent. Information you provide in this application form will be solely used by Plant 4.0 Team for the implementation of Plant 4.0.


      3. Contact us

        Please ask the team any question you would have about the application or the incubator.

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