• Corporate Partners

    In 2016, Total launched the “Plant 4.0” incubator. After two years of successful collaboration with over 20 startups, Total is teaming up for the second time with leading industrial players to renew the initiative.

    The Plant 4.0 startup incubator is operated by IMPULSE PARTNERS on behalf of Total & its Corporate Partners.

  • "Innovative Health, Safety and Environment solutions for smart plants”

    HSE solutions are embedded in the design, operation and organization of the “Plant 4.0”. The resulting transformations drive operational performance, enhance safety, boost the performance of projects and operations, improve the management of industrial assets and have a positive impact on environment and society.


      • ATEX classification : devices shall be designed in order to be ready for certification Ex II2G EEx "d" or "de" or "e" or "i" IICT6
      • A few prototypes shall be fabricated for tests (measure + data transmission) in an industrial environment within six months


      Solutions directly relevant to one or several of the use cases will be given priority treatment. However, all applications related to the global thematic will be taken into consideration.

      Field Operator Protection

      Field Operator Protection deals with any equipment used to assist the workforce in industrial environments on a daily basis.


      Smart Personal Protective Equipment:

      • Proximity of risk prone areas
      • Confined space area supervision software/devices
      • Self-recharging devices (energy harvesting)


      Sensors for body functions:

      • Assess the impact of work
      • Analysis of vital health signs


      Sensors for environmental monitoring:

      • Sensors for continuous multi-gas monitoring

      Geolocation monitoring (not requesting heavy infrastructure):

      • Workers pathway identification
      • Area management
      • Mustering and evacuation monitoring
      • Geofencing (including Gamma radiation shots)


      Protection of truck driver + assistant:

      • Protection of the driver/passenger in fuel trucks

      Incident Investigation

      Incident Investigation covers “Serious and fatal accidents”.

      • Tools and tech supporting incident investigation and report:
        • Facilitate the filling of accident/incident report

        • Analysis tools to detect/prevent accidents or near-miss incidents

      HSE process

      HSE process refers to the training and the habilitation of the workforce, with a focus on safety processes and on data processing.

      • Employee accreditation / training tracking: improve the verification and validation of required training and skills
      • Stakeholders and local community feedback: Tools to improve consultation and tracking of stakeholders’ satisfaction and expectations:
        • Complaint management;
        • Improve qualitative feedback from stakeholders
      • Human/Machine interface, prevention of collision/line of fire
      • Process Safety
    • Benefits for selected startup companies


      • A platform to develop business relationships with the Corporate Partners
      • Qualified contacts & feedbacks of industry experts
      • An increased visibility and credibility towards market & investors
      • An opportunity to join the startup ecosystem accelerated by Impulse Labs
      • Open office workspace opportunities in Paris
    • The Selection Process

      We are looking for startups that have completed their initial R&D phase and need an industrial validation to move to the next phase of their development. They should have developed successful solutions that have already received recognition.


      The incubation program is not exclusive, the startup can be registered in other programs.


      Startups can apply for the Plant 4.0 incubator program: "Innovative Health, Safety and Environment Solutions for Smart Plants" between January 5th, 2018 to March 11th, 2018.

      Early applications will be given priority treatment.

      Application Evaluation and Processing

      In order to apply, you must download the Application Form, complete it and send it by email to Total.incubator@impulse-partners.com from January 5th, 2018 until March 11th , 2018

      All applications must be completed and submitted in English, and will be reviewed by the corporate groups operational staff and Impulse Partners (hereinafter “Plant 4.0 Team”). Selection results will be sent out by mid-March 2018.


      Submitted projects will be pre-selected based on the following criteria:

      • Innovativeness and potential to transform industrial activities (as described in the application form
      • Capacity to be tested on industrial assets and demonstrate effectiveness within ~6 months
      • Quality and capabilities of the applicant’s project team
      • Alignment with Total’s corporate commitments, as defined on this page

      Selection Committee

      Selection Committee sessions will be organized in March 2018 for the Plant 4.0 incubator "Innovative Health, Safety and Environment Solutions for Smart Plants".

      Pre-selected projects will be invited to pitch in Paris in front of a panel of relevant decision makers from Total and its corporate partners.

      Final results will be communicated approximately two weeks after the Selection Committee session.

      Incubation for selected startup companies

      Startups will be invited to join the Impulse Labs ecosystem (specialist in the energy and industrial sectors) and will benefit from offices in Paris and associated funding at reduced costs.

      Pilot projects & feedbacks

      If the startup successfully addresses the above requirements, and if a use case is identified, Total and its corporate partners will consider launching and financing of a Proof of Concept. Following the proof of concept, the Plant 4.0 Team and relevant stakeholders will assess the project and evaluate the potential for larger-scale deployment.

      Terms and rules


      By filling this application form for Plant 4.0, and sending it by email to Total.incubator@impulse-partners.com you represent and warrant that (1) you are authorized to submit this application on behalf of your company, (2) the information you have provided is accurate and current, (3) your company either owns or has a license to use the product, service or technology described in your application, (4) you have the right to provide TOTAL and Impulse Partners with the given information, (5) TOTAL, the Corporate Partners and Impulse Partners are entitled to use the information given for Plant 4.0. You acknowledge that submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance by Plant 4.0 Team.



      You agree to keep confidential any information you receive during Plant 4.0. process. You are not entitled to use or make reference to Total or its Corporate Partners’ business names, trademarks or logos without its prior written consent. Information you provide in this application form will be solely used by Plant 4.0 Team for the implementation of Plant 4.0.


    • 2017 Season highlights

      2017 season was based on the IoT, Total and its partners selected 5 startups to collaborate with.

      Below are some videos of the selected startups

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